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Nature’s electrolytes, bioavailable and ionic minerals sourced from the purest ocean water and extensively third party tested. 74 trace minerals work synergistically to absorb and integrate with your cells. My favourite magnesium supplement for post concussion care, athletes and shift workers. A fantastic on the go electrolyte formula for anyone looking to stay hydrated while travelling and for those looking to increase their intake of minerals for overall health. 

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Aussie Trace Mineral Product Description: Naturally harvested from the pristine Southern Australian coast, Aussie Trace Minerals is a pure IONIC trace mineral solution derived from 100% solar concentrated and sodium reduced ocean water. 



Professional supplement lines available to you, shipped right to your door.

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Clean, purified water in virtually any circumstance, including emergency preparedness, for your home and travel. Pure water free from chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, pesticides and herbicide runoff. Gravity fed home Berkey water filtration systems in various capacities and the Sport Berkey, a non-leaching, BPA-free water bottle for on the go reusable water filtration in any situation. 


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