Most people have no idea what optimal feels like! 

If you're struggling with "normal" daily brain fog, headaches, mood changes, gut issues, your typical is not "normal". Your brain was designed to be optimal, to be quick, sharp and focused, let's get you back on track with my Brain Boost Program!


Eating for Brain Health Guide

Dr. Brigitta has created a FREE Eating for Brain Health guide that focuses on ways
to combat inflammation with diet and lifestyle.

"Inflammation is one of the ways your body protects and heals itself. It should be a robust response that quickly resolves. When inflammation persists, chronic pain and disease are more likely to begin. An anti-inflammatory diet is one that is packed full of nutrients to supports your body and brain in daily repair and in resolving inflammation." - Dr. B

Get your FREE Eating for Brain Health Guide...yes, with bonus chocolate recipes!