"When most people hear of essential oils they think of a natural fragrance, yet therapeutic grade essential oils are potent forms of botanical medicine!" - Dr. Brigitta, ND

Brilliant Botanicals for Brain Health:

When most people hear essential oils they think of a natural fragrance, yet essential oils are potent forms of botanical medicine. That being said, most essential oils on the market are not suitable for internal consumption. Did you know an essential oil only needs to be 5% organic to be labelled as such?!

Essential oils are often adulterated, meaning that they are not pure oils, often containing chemically made artificial fragrances, allowing companies to lower their costs and increase output. I would never consider recommending the majority of essential oils on the market to my patients. There is an exception, and when I was introduced to them, I was blown away, not just by their quality, but also the company’s ethics and impact on local, small-scale organic farmers and communities. That company is dōTERRA. 

Dr. Brigitta's Brain Boost Kit

My most frequently recommended food based supplements to support cognition, brain health and memory, as well as protect against free radicals that damage and age your brain cells. 


Empowered with Essential Oils

Traditionally plant medicines ranging from European Herbalism to Traditional Chinese Medicine to Ayurvedic Medicine have been used for centuries to holistically heal, restore health and create longevity and culinary herbs are an extension of this. There is increasing research into the biochemical constituents of plants and how exactly they interact with our physiology to produce the results we have been seeing for decades. While the research is new, the outcomes are not!

I have been wanting to reincorporate botanical medicine back into my practice as I have personally experienced their potency and have seen remarkable results in my patients. Working globally, it is not feasible to ship large bottles of tinctures around the world. dōTERRA has given me an opportunity to bring botanical medicine back into my practice in a powerful way that makes it accessible to my patients around the globe. 

I am elated to have this medicine back in my practice to support you in an accessible way that reconnects you to your healing journey as well. 

Essential Oils for Brain Health

Essential oils can be used by inhalation, topically and some internally. The chemical constituents, terpenes and terpenoids also cross the blood brain barrier. The olfactory nerve located in the nose, connects into the brain and is next to the hippocampus, the centre for memory in the brain as well as the limbic centre, the emotional centre of the brain. It is little wonder why our favourite smells bring back the fondest of memories.

We know that smell is intimately connected to the digestive system as well. As we start to salivate at the aroma of our favourite food, the other cranial nerves are signalled shifting our nervous system into our parasympathetic ‘rest and digest” state and priming our body to secrete stomach acid and digestive enzymes to support the breakdown and absorption of nutrients vital to repairing our brain.

The hippocampus, situated close to the olfactory bulb, is closely related to learning and memory, essential oils can be potential “drugs” to help with these skills. In fact, we can consider essential oils as nootropics, or cognitive enhancers that improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity and motivation. 


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dōTERRA:  Latin: 'gift of the earth'


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