As a Naturopathic Doctor and former Primary Care Paramedic, Brigitta uniquely understands where gaps in the pathogenic model exist and the advancements of complementary clinical concussion care can do for you.

Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Sports Nutritionist

As a Certified Sports Nutritionist, Brigitta combines her extensive knowledge of physiology and training in nutrition to create tailored, individual plans for each of her patients.

As a former competitive athlete and professional coach, Brigitta appreciates that athletes have unique needs and demands that contribute to their growth and development. This, combined with unique female physiology and demanding training and travel schedules, Brigitta looks at health, nutrition and lifestyle from a holistic perspective.

Brigitta works with her clients to address the pillars of health based on their individual needs. She utilizes strategic supplementation to speed recovery, decrease the risk of injury and optimize health and performance, helping athletes excel to their highest potential.

Dr Brigitta, ND

Brigitta's approach is about empowering people with a holistic view of their wellbeing and working to create a plan that makes sense for their life.

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