Empowering individuals braving concussion recovery, chronic pain, mental and cognitive decline reclaim and optimize their resilient brains, naturally!


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Red Flags in your Concussion Care

If your provider has told you:

  • to “just rest”
  • stay in a dark room
  • healing takes time, it will just get better on it’s own
  • you have been diagnosed with a “mild”/”moderate” concussion 

Then your provider is about 15 years behind the current research and best clinical practices.

A concussion is a functional neurometabolic injuryYou cannot fully heal if you are in a state of chronic brain inflammation, or if you are missing key nutrients. Addressing the metabolic, cellular and hormonal health of your tissues speeds your recovery. I love supporting individuals in heal their brains naturally and collaborating with your other practitioners to create comprehensive care. 

As a Naturopathic Doctor and former Primary Care Paramedic, Brigitta uniquely understands where gaps in the pathogenic model exist and what the advancements of complementary clinical concussion care can do for you.

Neuroplasticity: your brain is plastic

Memory loss and Alzheimer's is not something that just comes with age! I've had the most incredible conversations with the sharpest 99-year-olds.

Let's find out what's causing those brain farts and 'why did I walk in this room moments'. You are constantly creating new brain cells, let's create a healthy environment for them to thrive, let's work together to reclaim your brain, naturally!

“It doesn’t need to be one or the other - traditional medicine or naturopathic. It can be both. I approach each client as an individual with individual needs. My approach to (brain) health and wellness empowers each person with a holistic view of their (brain) health accompanied by an individual plan that makes sense for their life.” - Dr. Brigitta, ND


Dr. Brigitta, is a board certified Naturopathic Doctor and former Primary Care Paramedic of 10 years, as well as a quantum energy healer and medical intuitive who focuses on helping individuals braving concussion recovery, chronic pain, mental and cognitive decline reclaim and optimize their resilient brains - naturally!

Brigitta’s journey into Naturopathic Medicine began from her years in a skating rink as a competitive figure skater turned professional coach. Brigitta’s fascination with the inner workings of the human body led her to earn a Specialized Honours Degree in Kinesiology, which only stoked the fire further. As Paramedic in one of the largest services in the Greater Toronto Area she witnessed first hand the pathogenic model of care and wanted a more holistic and diverse skillset for her patients. Her calling found her in Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr. Brigitta is also an Internationally Certified Sports Nutritionist, has completed advanced training in CranioSacral Therapy from the the Upledger Institute and Neurochemistry and Nutrition from the world renown Carrick Institute.

When combined with traditional perspectives of medicine and a naturopathic model of health and well-being, Brigitta gets to the root cause of her clients' dysfunction or disease, which transforms into a comprehensive plan that addresses not just symptoms, but builds better brain health - naturally.

Brigitta works with you to address the pillars of health based on your individual needs. She utilizes strategic supplementation to speed recovery, decrease the risk of injury and optimize health and performance, helping athletes excel to their highest potential.

Experience, compassion and unrelenting desire to help those in need of better health, whether from physical or emotional trauma, sports-related injury, disease or illness, Brigitta believes that when working together, evidence based nutrition, naturopathic and traditional medicine is a winning combination for brain health.

Dr Brigitta, Naturopathic and Certified Certified Sports Nutritionist


Individual Transformations

Supporting your brain health is my priority. I work with you individually to empower you to transform to your brain fog, headaches, chronic pain, memory and mental health challenges, to reclaim your best brain health, naturally! If you are sick of bouncing around from practitioners and medications that just bandaid the symptoms AND you are willing to put in the required effort to create your best brain health then apply to work me!


Team & Corporate Programs

Designed for the athletic and corporate teams, Brigitta will work with you to assess your team's needs and build a program that optimizes health and performance.

Programs can include team education and concussion resiliency plans, corporate burnout and resiliency talks or larger seminars on nutrition and natural brain health optimization.

Let's support your team!


Online Resources & Courses

Brigitta is always looking for new ways to share knowledge in support of those seeking better brain health, naturally.

Check out Brigitta's online resource centre for self guided programs and the shop for her favourites she uses to empower transformation in her patients.




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Calling all high performers, athletes and go getters! If you are ready to transform your brain, body and life, let's embark on one of the most powerful transformations of your life!

Dr. Brigitta, very selectively take 2 clients per year on this journey. If you are ready to take commit to yourself, take radical responsibility and uplevel every aspect of life, then this is for you!

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Share with me why you are ready to go all in at this very moment on your transformation. 


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