Empowering individuals braving chronic pain, concussion recovery, mental and cognitive decline reclaim and optimize their brains, naturally.




Dr. Brigitta, is a registered Naturopathic Doctor and former Primary Care Paramedic, who focuses on helping individuals braving concussion recovery, mental illness and cognitive decline reclaim and optimize their brains - naturally!

Brigitta’s journey into Naturopathic Medicine began from her years in a skating rink as a competitive figure skater turned professional coach. Brigitta’s fascination with the inner workings of the human body led her to earn a Kinesiology degree, which only stoked the fire further. Dr. Brigitta is also a Certified Sports Nutritionist, CranioSacral Therapist and is pursuing advanced training in Neurochemistry and Nutrition from the world renown Carrick Institute.

When combined with traditional perspectives of medicine and a naturopathic model of health and well-being, Brigitta gets to the root cause of her clients' dysfunction or disease, which transforms into a comprehensive plan that addresses not just symptoms but builds better brain health - naturally.

Experience, compassion and unrelenting desire to help those in need of better health, whether from physical or emotional trauma, sports-related injury, disease or illness, Brigitta believes that when working together, evidence based nutrition, naturopathic and traditional medicine is a winning combination for brain health.

Dr Brigitta, Naturopathic and Certified Certified Sports Nutritionist

“It doesn’t need to be one or the other - traditional medicine or naturopathic. It can be both. I approach each client as an individual with individual needs. My approach to (brain) health and wellness empowers each person with a holistic view of their (brain) health accompanied by an individual plan that makes sense for their life.” - Dr. Brigitta, ND



Individual Transformations

Supporting your brain health is my priority. I work 1:1 with those living through chronic pain, mental health challenges, cognitive decline or brain injury that are willing to put in the required effort to create their best brain health.


Personal & Team Programs

Designed for the athlete, team or coach, Brigitta will work with you to assess your needs and build a program that optimizes your health and performance. Programs can include individual and/or team plans, team talks or larger athletic seminars on nutrition and natural brain health.


Online Resources & Courses

Brigitta is always looking for new ways to share knowledge in support of those seeking better brain health, naturally.

Check out Brigitta's online resource centre.



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